Our Mission

Our mission is to make great returns for ourselves, our clients, and our investors by purchasing and improving assets that people want to live in.  We add value through low cost, high impact design improvements based on the asset at hand. 


With our unique experience being a firm that vertically integrates development, construction, property management, and asset management we are able to implement creative methods that most are not aware of.  We are aware of the monetary impact of each decision and it is our main driver, in contrast to an engineer or architect.

We are passionate about improving neighborhoods and providing safer places for people to live.

Our team

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Dusten Hendrickson

Real Estate Syndicator / Designer

I have been involved in RE my whole career. From owning a roofing crew to building homes, duplexes, and apartments. I own and asset manage over 100 units and I passively invest in over 700 units located in Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Phoenix, through syndications and limited partnerships.

Drew Dertien

Graphic Design/Marketing

I specialize in graphic design, videography, photography, and social media marketing. Using these, I am able to brand any up and coming projects or rebrand anything that needs a modern makeover.